Wedding Flower Planning

Wedding Flowers Initial Planning

Getting it altogether for planning your wedding event is a significant undertaking. The wedding flowers planning task can be daunting. There are so many choices for organizing a wedding and the wedding flowers is a huge part of the planning. There are so many choices and decisions to be made including, time frame, preparation, the coordination with all the people that might be involved, the theming of your wedding , the time of the year, the colors, styles and options that you can choose.

Some brides have developed ideas and thoughtfully reflected on their upcoming wedding for many months, even years. Weddings are some of the most remembered events in our life experiences. Your wedding naturally, deserves your thoughtful attention and other professional advice to produce a rewarding memorable experience.
It is usually good practice to visit with your wedding florist early in your planning. A competent wedding florist will have years of experience presenting wedding floral events. Experience that includes working with many brides and grooms, wedding planners, caterers, entertainment providers, wedding venues, and all manner of wedding support services. Your wedding florist should always be able to share information to help you make decisions about creating your beautiful wedding presentation.

Start early one year to six months before your wedding.

You should make appointments with your choice of wedding florists early. At your first consultations you should have some ideas for your wedding theme and have a pretty good idea of your wedding venue or location. Your choice of venue or location for your wedding is very important to planning your wedding event. Your flower presentation will often be determined in part by the location of your wedding facilities.

You should have some idea of your budget for flowers prior to you first consultations. Your wedding florist should be able to guide you with your ideas, and give you some estimates of cost based on your choices.
Choices of flower varieties you would like to use along with colors that suit your tastes will be helpful in your discussions with your wedding florist. Remember flower choices can be determined by the time of year, because flowers are seasonally available.

You should choose and book your wedding florist within a few days after consultation. The ideas and discussions are fresh and memorable between yourself and the florist. You should also remember, most wedding florists can only perform a limited number of wedding events. You will need to “block out the day” with your florist, usually with a deposit. Most wedding florists will rarely take on more than two weddings in a day, avoid the disappointment of not having your first choice of wedding florists by responding early.