Outdoor Weddings

Planning flowers for Outdoor Weddings

When you have an outdoor wedding you should remember the weather can be a major consideration and you should think with a backup plan. Most wedding venues have worked around weather, and they will share their thoughts with you.

Weather can complicate outdoor weddings. Since you cannot control weather conditions you should remember, a little too hot or a little too cool can mean your guests will be uncomfortable. A little discomfort won’t aggravate your guests for the most part. If you think it might be hot you should think of using some large fans, and possibly a large light colored tent. A tent can aggravate the situation when it is hot, if the sides are down there is no air circulation possible. A tent should have the ability to roll up the sides.

If you anticipate the weather may be too cool or even cold you might want to consider renting portable heaters and provide lap blankets. A tent can make a cold day more comfortable for guests as well.

Wedding flowers should be carefully considered with outdoor events as well. Weather can definitely affect the beauty of your event. Usually hotter weather requires flowers and arrangements be installed within a short time of the event. There is considerable additional planning required for outdoor events, since often many other vendors are using facilities and doing their work as well.

Important: Fresh cut flowers do not do well when they get hot, sometimes wilting or discoloring.

If you anticipate a hot day there are some varieties of flowers that do better in heat than others. Direct sun on flowers and arrangements can definitely harm them.

Wind can be a tormenting element for your wedding flowers, especially when flowers aren’t arranged or secured with wind in mind. An example of this would be rose pedals scattered along the bridal path can blow around and make a mess. Wind can also cause discomfort for your guests, especially the ladies hairdos.

Rain is very unpredictable when you are planning, but should be considered as an optional element that can definitely affect your event. Heavy rain usually makes a mess out of everything. A tent works well over your ceremony site in light or modest rains and will often save the marriage ceremony.

The direction your guests face during the wedding and the position of the sun affects the comfort of your guests. When you guests are facing the sun your photographer may get better pictures, but your guests may not be very comfortable. The time of your wedding can make the sun a non-factor, but remember when you are planning where the sun will be at the time of your wedding.

Insects and other pesky critters should be considered and planned for, especially if you use a very natural outdoor setting. Bees and wasps have been known to frequent flower arrangements in outdoor settings.

Outdoor weddings at hotels or other similar venue sites can usually make this a non-item for concern.

Often overlooked, but a very serious consideration should be background noises and how well your guests can hear. A good solution would be a microphone and amplifier for communicating with your guests at all times during your wedding. Some wedding venues have no control over background noises and sounds. You might consider clip on microphones, if sound could be a prolonged issue.

Lighting should be planned with respect to strings of lights and other light sources. Candles and flame type lighting may be an issue outdoors, so you should definitely think about wind or rain.

You might even go so far as to make a few discussion points in your wedding announcements to guests about possible items of concern. I wouldn’t suggest going too far with this.

FlowerFusion will make an immediate visit to your wedding site upon your selection of us to provide your wedding flower presentations. It is often best if you can accompany us, but it may not be necessary in some instances. All venues for weddings have coordination considerations that must be understood and planned. Naturally, FlowerFusion will be looking carefully at the venue you select for the best presentation of flowers in your wedding.

FlowerFusion will do our best to facilitate your wedding day to meet your expectations.